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Since its inception in 2008, GEM has been at the forefront of enormous changes transforming the global energy markets.

We are a privately funded trading company, taking principal positions as a market maker in the energy markets. By combining in-house algorithmic technology, vast experience in oil products, and a collaborative trading philosophy, GEM has become the leading OTC energy trader in benchmark products.

With offices located in New York, London, and Chicago, GEM operates as a single global team, covering all critical market times.

What Makes Us Different...

The difference lies in our proprietary technology platforms and collaborative approach.

GEM’s Evolution

GEM was founded to compete with traditional “big balance sheet” market makers in oil.



GEM is a leading OTC energy trader, with significant share and trades in all of the key energy benchmarks, including:

  • WTI (West Texas Intermediate)
  • Brent (North Sea Crude)
  • Diesel (New York Heating Oil)
  • Gasoil (NW Europe Gasoil)
  • RBOB (New York Gasoline)
  • EBOB (European Gasoline)
  • Natural Gas (Henry Hub)

By providing significant liquidity in these benchmark contracts, GEM has the distinct opportunity to execute relative value trades in large volumes and through voice brokers — both directly and electronically. All trades are cleared on ICE or CME, incurring no counterparty credit risk.

Trading expertise and extensive counterparty relationships enable GEM to provide market liquidity to producers, end users, and speculators looking to hedge their business risk. GEM’s approach to the market is unique. Our traders quote a multitude of markets with significant volume and tight bid-offer spreads — trading as one team through offices in New York, London, and Chicago, we seamlessly cover all markets in key time zones.

We bring these skills directly to financial institutions, corporations, and speculators with the understanding that people trade with people who know the business. Each transaction is treated as a priority, and we are committed to offering first-class interaction that is always fast, fair, and reliable.





GEM is looking for professionals who have strong quantitative skills, an interest in the commodities markets, and a team approach. We hire traders, assistant traders, IT professionals, and programmers for full-time and internship positions. Reach out to us at





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